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You probably don’t have room in your budget for $150,000.00 for party favors and you’re probably going to limit the guest list to a lot fewer than 150 guests so you’re luck. There are lots of really cute, easy to make party favors you could make yourself for just a couple of dollars.

I was recently asked to make party favors for a baby shower. All of us recognize that bears like honey so we thought the guests would too. We gathered together individual packets of Stash vanilla honeybush tea, honey drops, some honey candies (the wrappers had cute little bees ) and Bit-O-Honey candy bars.

We might have just put all these honey flavored treats to a bag but I had another idea that could make them prettier to look at and more fun. Most of the items we used for the packaging is seen in one of the numerous dollar or party supply shops. We used clear cello bags, the type florists use called corsage bags. You’ll find bags printed with various themes at party stores also.

We cut white poster board to fit inside the bag and glued the items to the poster board. The Bit-O-Honey bar colors didn’t match our color scheme so we wrapped the pubs in newspaper. We personalized the bars with the name and date of the Mom and baby. If you’ve got a great graphics program on your computer you can customize the wrappers like we did. You can find a FREE template by Google searching”candy wrapper template” and you will find YouTube videos explaining how to wrap the bars. If your party has a popular theme, you can use themed wrapping paper rather than white paper to wrap your candy bars.

We tied the bag closed with pink, blue and yellow curling ribbon to match our color scheme. The total cost, including the treats was $2.75 each.

The thought we decided on for your baby shower was not the only idea I had. Since tea and honey were the key items we thought of putting all of these in a mug. The mug would have made a cute party favor take away but we still would have been required to use the cello bag and ribbon and because a mug would have added another dollar into the total cost we decided against it.

Planning a birthday party for a child? Why not include them in helping create personalized party favors? You can add New York City Wildlife Control.

Twist the top of the bag over about a few inches. Using the hole punch, punch a hole about an inch on both sides of the center. Your child can write each guest’s name on the bag in colored marker and add an original drawing or stickers if he or she wants.

After the bags are decorated, fill them with the treats you have chosen. Rather than choosing all candy treats, include some healthy choices like granola bars and peanut butter crackers. To get a more colorful bag, choose a couple of different colors of curling ribbon and instead of a bow, curl each strand, providing your gift bags a very festive look.

Fill small canning jars with cherry and mini marshmallows and tie on a recipe card with your favorite cookie or bread mix to get a wedding shower favor. A plastic beer mug with some beef jerky and a package of popcorn could be fun to get a Jack and Jill and a little baby bottle full of jelly beans or other candies makes a cute party favor for a baby shower. Check out the regional farmers markets for soap makers who’ll wrap goats milk or other hand made soap in a personalized wrapper. The options are endless.

Dont Break the Bank!

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