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Makeup brushes and makeup blenders may be breeding grounds for bacteria, especially if they aren’t cleaned regularly or stored correctly or, even worse, shared with a buddy. Think about it: Even if you don’t have oily skin, the buildup of products and germs can contaminate your brushes and if you don’t clean them, then you are just going to transfer this to your face.

These steps should be followed when cleaning your makeup tools, whether they are brushes, blenders and anything in between.

Step 1 – Rinsing

As simple as this step is, one wants to be very careful to avoid water from running directly into the bottom of the brush. This is because the water weakens the paste and leads to the falling out of the bristles thus shortening the lifespan of the brush. The suitable method to rinse a brush is to always rinse the bristles with water streaming down. However, the blender should be rinsed using warm water till it’s fully soaked.

Measure 2 – Cleansing

When cleansing the brushes, a gentle shampoo, soap, or daily facial cleanser can work perfectly to help break down the makeup or dirt that has caked onto the bristles over time. The shampoo should be worked to the brittles and rinsed with water till they become clean. You can also massage coconut oil to the bristles to get all stubborn products out of the brushes. Lather should be formed in the blender with the shampoo and thoroughly washed then rinsed until water runs clean.

Step 3 – How to Make Pot Brownies

Rinsing and cleansing the blender and bristle of this brush is sufficient to get rid of all forms of dirt around the brush but it is not sufficient to eliminate germs and bacteria. The only ways to eliminate bacteria is to disinfect the bristles. This can be done by using a solution which contains two part water and one part Vinegar. The blender and brush bristle should be rinsed with water after disinfecting with the remedy.

Step 4 – Drying

The blender should be air dry or if needed to be used damp, then it may be put to work immediately.

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